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CBR-SANSCOG & CBR-TLSA – longitudinal cohort studies to identify risk factors for dementia in India

Comparison of dementia prevalence between rural and urban Indians.

Dementia is rising in epidemic proportions in India. However, due to India’s vast diversity, there could be geographical variations including significant rural-urban differences (as some previous Indian studies have shown). In our study, we found that though there was no significant difference in overall prevalence of dementia (Clinical Dementia Rating ? 0.5). Women had higher prevalence than men in rural individuals, whereas this was reverse in urban individuals. These preliminary findings give us direction to explore the causes of these unique gender differences in dementia.


  1. Comparison of age-wise and gender-wise prevalence of dementia in rural Indians from SANSCOG study cohort
  2. Comparison of age-wise and gender-wise prevalence of dementia in urban Indians from TLSA cohort


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Last Updated on February 21, 2023

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