CBR Young Researchers Meetings 2022

CBR Young Researchers Meetings, 29 and 31 October 2022

The Centre for Brain Research (CBR) is a non-profit research centre located in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Campus, Bangalore. Established in 2014 through an exemplary endowment from the Pratiksha Trust (founded by Dr Kris Gopalakrishnan and Mrs Sudha Gopalakrishnan), the Centre conducts cutting-edge transformative research on normal and pathological aging of the brain. With the mission of preserving cognitive functions during aging, the research and innovation activities of CBR are centred on discovering scientific methods for early diagnosis, prevention, postponement, evidence-based interventions, and effective management of neurodegenerative diseases affecting the elderly population.

Embedded in the dynamic and stimulating research ecosystem of IISc, CBR spearheads interdisciplinary research spanning clinical studies, imaging, cognition, molecular neuroscience, genetics, omics, and computational methods including data science and machine learning techniques. In addition to a generous grant from the donors, CBR receives research grants for specific projects from several granting agencies like Tata Trusts, Fidelity Foundation, SKAN Research Trust, DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance, and the Government of India’s Departments.

Highlights of CBR’s research initiatives can be accessed here.

The profiles of CBR’s faculty members are available here.

CBR is looking for exceptionally motivated, bright, and committed individuals with a demonstrated record of high-quality research and a keen interest in innovative, interdisciplinary, and mission-oriented research on brain aging and neurodegeneration for faculty and postdoctoral research positions in its thrust areas:

  • Clinical neuroscience, neuropsychiatry, neuropsychology, behavioural neurology, geriatric medicine, neuroimaging, and related areas, particularly to study neurocognitive disorders from the perspectives of biomarker identification, risk detection and reduction, evidence-based interventions, etc.
  • Computational neuroscience, computational genomics, AIML methods, statistics, data science, and related areas
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying brain aging and neurodegeneration

CBR will be holding online interactive sessions (details below) with prospective faculty and postdoctoral candidates desirous of knowing more about the vision and activities of the Centre and the exciting opportunities it offers. Each meeting will include an hour of presentations by the CBR leadership and faculty members, followed by a highly interactive session with the prospective candidates.

Young Researchers Meeting 1

29 October 2022, Saturday, 8 to 10 PM IST

Young Researchers Meeting 2 (specially for clinician researchers)

31 October 2022, Monday, 6 to 8 PM IST

Clinician researchers are strongly encouraged to participate in the meeting scheduled for 31 October 2022.

Queries may be addressed to facultysearch.cbr@iisc.ac.in 

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